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Dads impact on Daughters Body Image my body image book. Number 1 question on my list: How important are Dads when it comes to girls’ body image development?  After all, moms and daughters have been studied, analyzed, discussed, and discussed again—but issues of Dad’s and daughters have taken a back seat. The“product” world, the world […]


I’ve been thinking about this question as I’ve been writing my book on girls and body image.  I know it’s an ugly question– showing an ugly side of human nature. But the more girls who teachers. My belief is that the more girls are around other girls and teachers who have anti-fat beliefs, the stronger […]


This is my body image story…

by DrRobyn on February 14, 2009



A movie that answers the question: Is America obsessed with beauty? In Chicago? This movie opens next week! Go Fox news talking about her experience. A size 4 but called “obese” in the industry, this film helped her to accept herself when her industry told her she was not thin enough. Even Ensler, of the […]


Media uses photo retouching for many reasons; changing color, lighting, and feel of pictures. Editors can put make-up on, take clothes away, thin out, bulk up, or completely change the model in the photo. Which leads to the questions; is it ever OK to look like yourself? Can real teens every look as good as […]

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On a recent episode of Intervention, a show on A & E, a mother and daughter were highlighted. While the intervention was initially meant to be focused on the daughter, Caylee, it became clear that the mother, Christy, also needed help. As a young girl, Caylee remembers her mother picking on her and telling her […]


Spring Cleaning on your Body Image

by DrRobyn on February 27, 2008

Since February is Love your Body month, it’s time to take inventory on how you’re doing in this department. No, no, not how you’re doing in the weight department– but rather, in the “loving your body” department. The Curvy Life put out an assessment to put you to the test. Curvy Angela writes: The first […]


Body Image "Post" Card: What's your secret?

by DrRobyn on February 4, 2008

On my google alerts today, I found something that put a shiver down my spine. It was a card written on the “Post Secret” blog. PostSecret is an ongoing community art project that asks people to mail in their secrets anonymously on one side of a homemade card. Todays card was related to body image. […]