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The Avatar Diet: Does this Avatar Make My Butt Look Big? Dr. Robyn Silverman Trying to get rid of that does size really matter?  Does it really have to? But no doubt, people will give “avatar diet” a shot.  No quick pill to lose weight this time– just a quick dose of Second Life.


Do Latinas and African American Girls Have Better Body Image? Dr. Robyn Silverman A newyoungest children are compromised. While there have been hints of body image problems among Asian-American and African-American adolescent girls, lack of ethnically diverse research has caused such concerns to remain overlooked. In the recent past, studies have shown that the leanest […]


Girls are Diet Doping to Lose Weight

by DrRobyn on April 8, 2009

Dangerous Diet Doping: Being Thin at all Costs African American girls and the Latina girls steer clear of such practices. Nope. If you think it’s only the Caucasian girls you’d be wrong. The intense pressure to diet has amazing cross over affects. Studies over the last 25 years have shown that rate of these subclinical […]


Tots Stress about Body Image messing up our children when it comes to body image even when children are as young as age 4.  Go us. An Australian study performed with 53 children across 4 kindergarten classes revealed that parents and teachers are inadvertently sending messages about the “perfect body” to these youngsters. “They do […]


Why Fat Girls Don't Go To College?

by DrRobyn on September 9, 2008

As you know, I’ve been studying girls, women and body esteem for quite a while. It’s so hard for girls to feel like they “fit in” when our culture sensationalizes thinness and rejects people who deviate from the media’s thin ideal. This cultural issue has a low self confidence, but also because it can cultivate […]

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The High Cost of Beauty: Giving up Wealth, Health, and Happiness worse these days. How much do girls and women spend on all those products that promise “more beauty than Beauty at Any Cost” watch TV commercials with underweight models in them lost self confidence and were dissatisfied with their own bodies. bullying between


Girls Feel Anxiety about Pressure to Fast-Track Their Development young celebrities withering away along with their clothes, models getting thinner and thinner, and the massive dolls and kidding? So who could be surprised that girls are showing some wear and tear from today’s sexualized, body-bashing culture? A recent Girlguiding UK, the Mental Health Foundation, and […]


Steroid Use in Teen Boys: Continuing the discussion… steroid abuse among teens stirred up some good discussion yesterday in light of the cultural response to body image problems among our youth. Perhaps you were surprised that boys were affected just as girls have been affected. What else can we expect? With so much concentrated focus […]


baseball players, cyclists, have been accused of (or have admitted to) using steroids to bulk up, slim down, and get that godly look and strength, is it really surprising that teens are interested in doing the same things? Our heroes help us all to see what’s possible and the tools they use to seize the […]


our children and their sense of body confidence. The dilemma is further fueled by research determined to prove that thin does indeed equal happy and healthy. Although some has provided other perspectives: Reports on adults in similar situations have conflicted. Since the 1970s, doctors at the nonprofit Cooper Institute in Dallas have gathered data from […]

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