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It was a great Good Morning America segment this morning!  We focused on a new viral Verizon campaign and ad that questions whether it’s time to move from telling our girls that she’s simply “pretty” to telling them that they are “pretty brilliant” too. What are we telling our girls about their abilities in math […]


Dr. Robyn Silverman September is an amazing month for action. You can smell it in the air. Back to work.  Back to school.  Back to…snarky Chenese Lewis this week. But do we really need to wait to love our bodies?  Do we really need to wait to give our friends, colleagues, and family members a […]


Dora too Modelesque to Be a Girl’s Role Model? Bratz, or the new confidence. There was even ashe’s not aquestions, “why change her appearance at all? Why is appearance so important?” Exactly. As we’ve seen all over this blog, appearance is highly praised and highly criticized.  It has to be just right. The good thing […]


Why Girls are Confused…again: Body Size Messages and boys) suffer from poor body image, eating disorders, phony baloney and yet, they’re often smooshed between the one celebrity who has lost another 14 pounds and another top model’s diet plan. Of course we still try to tell girls and women that they are beautiful the way […]


our children and their sense of body confidence. The dilemma is further fueled by research determined to prove that thin does indeed equal happy and healthy. Although some has provided other perspectives: Reports on adults in similar situations have conflicted. Since the 1970s, doctors at the nonprofit Cooper Institute in Dallas have gathered data from […]

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This Youtube, featured on colleague, Kate Harding’s

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Media uses photo retouching for many reasons; changing color, lighting, and feel of pictures. Editors can put make-up on, take clothes away, thin out, bulk up, or completely change the model in the photo. Which leads to the questions; is it ever OK to look like yourself? Can real teens every look as good as […]

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Do magazine diet articles make an impact on Cover headlines scream; “50 Shortcuts to a Sexier Body” (Glamour) or “6 Ways to Thin — Easy Diets That Really Work” (Allure) Articles might say “Embrace your curves” but the extreme weight-loss practices such as vomiting than girls who never read such articles. This result was not […]


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by DrRobyn on April 1, 2008

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On a recent episode of Intervention, a show on A & E, a mother and daughter were highlighted. While the intervention was initially meant to be focused on the daughter, Caylee, it became clear that the mother, Christy, also needed help. As a young girl, Caylee remembers her mother picking on her and telling her […]