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Some teens feel that they must be perfect at everything.  Perfect grades. Perfect clothes. Perfect body.  Perfectionism puts an enormous strain on a teen’s everyday life. Here’s the most recent clip of Dr. Robyn Silverman appearing as an Expert on The Tyra Show dealing with perfectionism and teens who are constantly striving to be perfect. […]


Did you watch The Tyra Show on Fat Haters and weight discrimination yesterday? There was some definite ugliness being hurled around. Well, at least there was no chair-throwing.  I had secretly been a little nervous about that when I had been asked by the producers to be on the show as the body image expert […]


Dr. Robyn Silverman September is an amazing month for action. You can smell it in the air. Back to work.  Back to school.  Back to…snarky Chenese Lewis this week. But do we really need to wait to love our bodies?  Do we really need to wait to give our friends, colleagues, and family members a […]


Disband the Clean the Plate Club? recent study, preschool aged members ate 35% more fruit loops than those who were not members of the clean the plate clubwhen given an unlimited portion. This interferes with children’s own ability to listen to their bodies and determine when they are full. They begin to be at war […]


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Why is being called “plus-sized” so offensive? So here’s my issue with the whole Meghan McCain “Body Bullying” issue. Yes, “conservative” radio host Laura Ingraham was in the wrong whenlazy, blameworthy,Mia Tyler. I think we all need to get a grip. While

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Diabulimia: Does my friend have Diabulimia?

by DrRobyn on December 10, 2008

Ask Dr. Robyn: Does my friend have Diabulimia?  Is Diabulimia a “big deal?” I received a question from Jennifer in NJ whose friend has Diabetes and is currently losing a lot of weight.  Jennifer is concerned about whether her friend might have


Way too Young to Look That Old

by DrRobyn on November 20, 2008

Does Anyone Have a Cover up? these pics? Could we get the dress a little more low cut or the skirt any higher?  What are we saying to our girls about what they should be exposing to the world in order to be fashionable, beautiful and loved? And of course, some parents are either oblivious […]


How Fat is Too Fat for Hollywood?

by DrRobyn on September 22, 2008

waste away. Note: The casting director wants her to have a BMI of around 19.2 in order to be “acceptable” as the ingenue and around 28.3 to be considered for the fat best friend. What do you think? Outraged? Annoyed? Frustrated? Fair? Don’t care? [digg=]


7 Things Girls Must Do to Fit In Today

by DrRobyn on June 30, 2008

Body Image. Sexy Clothes. Today’s Music Scene. Two of our passionate teen readers want to share their view on growing up as a girl in America and dealing with messages about how to dress, how to look, and how to be. I’d like to introduce; Andrea Wilczynski, age 19 and Caitlyn McKiernan, age 20, from […]