SELF Magazine Warning Needed? Subject on Cover is Bigger Than  She Actually Appears the Miley Cyrus recently and the doesn’t seem very bothered by the cover shot. She says makes that clear so her blog: “we decided the cover of the album and just in case you haven’t seen it i’ll post it! it’s very […]


Too Fat to Be Surgeon General? Discriminatory Claims Circulating Against Dr. Regina Benjamin’s “Fitness” to Be Surgeon General President Obama’s pick for Surgeon General.  Her weight is throwing opinions of her fitness for the job off kilter. Case and point from one angry blogger:  “Rather than select a fat Black woman Obama should have chose […]


What’s a parent to do with all these overexposed teen celebrity images? Celebrities are wearing skimpier outfits everyday. Of course, there is less of them to cover these days too, having lost so much weight.  After all, that’s thedebacle (radio interview

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Reflecting on the New Normal: Today’s ultra thin standards for the ideal body Gisele Bundchen was once named Vogue’s model of the year, in part, the magazine stated, because she is not rail-thin. Really? Gisele at the time was 5’11” and weighed only 115 pounds —25 percent below what is considered an ideal body weight. […]


how controversial these reality stars and celebs can be– even if they seem to be doing something good for women. On the one hand, she’s got some great quotes that relay a “say what you want” attitude and an “I love my body the way it is” message.  Yes, of course we like that! or […]


beautiful, celebrated, and rewarded? cram down their throats? Who? Stephanie Naumoska, a 19-year-old Australian model, was selected from more than 7,000 hopefuls to make it into the finals of the Miss Universe pageant. What now? The finalist is now being criticized and showered with concern from the public who is not quite won over by […]


Why is being called “plus-sized” so offensive? So here’s my issue with the whole Meghan McCain “Body Bullying” issue. Yes, “conservative” radio host Laura Ingraham was in the wrong whenlazy, blameworthy,Mia Tyler. I think we all need to get a grip. While

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Something is clearly screwed up.  In the


Our values and our character have clearly been screwed up.  We’ve got work to do folks, and it may be an uphill battle.  As low self esteem, and lack of regard for women’s bodies on all sides. Singer watch what they say and do when it comes to kids. They have influence! Who? Teens ages […]


Is the Jessica Simpson fat hype over the top?

by DrRobyn on January 28, 2009

Fox News).  They couch insults in their intro: “Donning mom-jeans, a tight black tank top and a muffin-top-inducing leopard belt, the songstress’ appearance left the gossip-world abuzz.” And they go on to ask a barrage of questions: Is Jess preggers? Did she gain sympathy weight for sis Ashlee (who just had a baby with hubby […]