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Same as it never was

by DrRobyn on September 3, 2008

There’s something about coming home. I’m currently in NJ where I grew up and yet, I’m not really where I once was. Since my Dad passed away way too early and entirely too suddenly in 2006 from liver cancer, my Mom has since moved out of the house where I spent my entire childhood and […]


22 Ways to Teach Generosity to Children: Part 1

by DrRobyn on August 19, 2008

Do we have to wait for the holidays to teach values? 22 Ways to Teach generosity to children powerful word of the month is generosity. Sometimes people are curious about why I don’t reserve such a concept for when we are celebrating Christmas, Hanukkah, and Kwanzaa. Isn’t that the “season of giving?” While holiday time […]


Strapped for Time? 5 Tips to Spend Time with Children when Parents Have No Time By coaching clients, came to me a few months ago, she was nearing her whit’s end. Cody, her 7 year old son, was talking back to the teacher at school and getting into arguments with friends. “It’s been getting worse […]


7 Ways to Help Your Child with ADHD

by DrRobyn on July 10, 2008

Helping Your Child Cope with ADHD determination and stick-to-itiveness, but I wanted to take a moment to give you at least a few tips on how you can help your child with ADHD: (1) Advocate for them to get services in school: Your child has a special condition that makes them eligible for special accommodations […]


“war on obesity” and the increasing number of children being diagnosed with Pediatrics, children with ADHD have a 50% higher risk of being medically overweight if they are not taking medication for their condition. Interestingly, those who were taking their medication were much more likely to be underweight. The Study: Who was studied? 63,000 children […]


I’ve Got a No-Quit-Go-For-It Attitude! What Research Can Tell Us about Children and Determination As you now know, the Powerful Word of the Month is Determination. Wish your children showed more stick-to-itiveness and determination? Turns out, it’s a very important predictor to success. Powerful Words Member Schools this month—and you can also reinforce these skills […]


Dr. Robyn Announces July’s Powerful Word to Powerful Parents and Families [digg=] Have a Powerful Month!


When the truth feels so good: Writing a Thank-you Note to the Teacher December 2009 update: Would you please vote for me for 10 great ways to say thank-you to teachers in the past, but I bring it up again since we are in the home stretch– Spring Fever is just about to turn into […]


How can our children and teens get honest about their money habits? Dr. Robyn interviews Mr. Sam Renick about teaching children financial literacy Thank you for joining us here at the Powerful Parent Blog, Mr. Renick. I know you’ve spent a great deal of time working with children on creating a “habit” of earning and […]


Parents: Could getting your child involved in making lunch simply end up creating a mess of unappetizing foods not even appealing to a hungry dog? It doesn’t have to be! (Enjoy this short piece of nostalgia on Lilly Tomlin’s Edith Ann, creating her lunch masterpiece from overly sweetened juices,