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Questions to ask yourself and talk to your children about after watching Barack Obama’s Inaugural address Barack Obama becomes the 44th president of the United States.  With such historical significance, I wouldn’t be surprised if we’re asked to recall where we were when President Obama was elected and what we think the impact of the […]


We’re adopting a baby! Open adoption. We speak/text with the birth parents often and have become quite close.  We adore them.  Our birth mom tell us what’s going on with the pregnancy, plays the CD we made for the baby each day, and sends us pictures as she grows.  She even sent us a picture […]


Virginia Residents! A Plea From Ashley’s Mother: Bringing Ashley’s Law to the Table comments about this story over the last year. There have been many questions around the negligence of the police officer as she didn’t have a siren on—something that hasn’t been required by the police. In fact, the law states that police officers […]


Just a few more reasons to turn off (or at least limit) the TV high calorie food) in front of the TV. We’ve heard that children who are watching a lot of TV also are poor body image and


Parent Alert: What a Recent Study About Teen Pregnancy Reveals [digg=] By movies. And yes, we see it on feeling pressure to grow up too soon. Sexual messages abound. While TV and sexual content in teen programs can’t entirely be blamed, it seems to be playing a significant role. Parents beware. The National Institutes of […]

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Attention Parents! A Rise in Kidney Stones in Children Due to Salty Processed Foods?


7 Ways to Raise a Prejudiced Child

by DrRobyn on October 15, 2008

How to Raise a Racist, Sexist, Ageist, Sizeist, Prejudiced Child Barack Obama is an Arab” during a sexism, (3) It’s in your reactions towards them: When your children say something rude or prejudice, the way you react is worth a thousand words. For example, when a male teacher came to me and said that one […]


Dr. Robyn featured on Bigg Success Radio Show

by DrRobyn on October 10, 2008

Click here to listen and read the write up. Some recent comments related to the article: This *is* disturbing. Children are no longer needed in families for help on the farm, or to help with anything really. They’re accessories (which I’ve opined a little about on my blog) and we’re treating them as such. I’m […]


Grow up, Government! Part 1

by DrRobyn on September 30, 2008

How the Government is failing to be respect and be responsible but what happens when our efforts get sabotaged by the government that is leading the way? Like many of you, I’ve been disgusted by what’s gone on Wall Street lately. But what disgusts me more is adults acting like tantruming, irresponsible, untrustworthy toddlers. “This […]


Ashley McIntosh: Justice Denied? charged with reckless driving in May, she was found not guilty last week to the shock of Ashley’s family and friends. “Taking the totality of the circumstances I don’t find the evidence rises to a level that the driving was reckless.” —