Last week, I was on Good Morning America to talk about Louis C.K.’s now famous “Fat Girl” scene in which actress Sarah Baker, gives a unique and honest perspective about being “a fat-girl in her 30s living in New York City.” And while some still complained that the scene was far from perfect, others found […]


(Note; My Today Show Health Report Interview on this topic included below) The internet blew up yesterday with applause for Jennifer Livingston, a TV anchor in Wisconsin, who spoke out about fat hatred and what I call, “body bullying” after receiving a derogatory email from a viewer about her weight. The viewer’s email read; “Obesity […]


Unschooling is a radical form of homeschooling that throws the books out the window on traditional learning. School [School newly corrected: Learning] takes place out of traditional school doors and on the child’s own terms. Today, I sat down with Matt Lauer on The Today Show, to discuss it. How can this work? (1) Know […]


Isn’t it true? Most of us these days probably have the TV on at some point during the day—but we probably haven’t given too much thought about it’s effect on executive function. My preschooler, Tallie, loves her daily dose of Sesame Street in the morning. Most of the parents I know allow there children to […]

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…………… Fear Fast Food? Media leads us like the Pied Piper to Fast Food Joints around the world and simultaneously slaps us on the wrist for eating at these “fatty,” greasy spoons. We are not only told that these


Dr. Robyn’s Friday Rant So, in the beginning of this week I wrote about boys and pornography. Yesterday I received an email from my colleague, friend, and media-busting crusader, Amy Jussel of Shaping Youth asking for input on the sexualization focus she is doing. Then last night I read an article in The Baltmore Sun […]


Are post-pregnancy bodies ugly?

by DrRobyn on April 29, 2010

One of my friends told me the other day that she needed to lose some weight. “Look at this” she said, as she grabbed the skin on her stomach. “Ever since I had the baby, my belly is no longer flat.  I hate it. I have to lose some weight.” Ugh. So, this is what […]


Dr. Robyn Silverman, body image expert, was on The Tyra show talking about women, body image and life after pregnancy. After pregnancy, many women have trouble accepting the changes in their bodies.  Loose skin, stretch marks, and extra weight can make new Moms feel inferior given the definition of beauty put out by media and […]




Ask Dr. Robyn: When Ho, Ho, Ho means Buy, Buy, Buy

by DrRobyn on December 25, 2009

Dear Dr. Robyn, My child does not stop talking about what he wants for the holidays this year.  Every time a new toy or game is shown on TV, I hear “I want that!”  I think the media has it in for us.  What am I supposed to do? –Josie K., NC Dear Josie K., […]