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Traveling with Kids? Be Prepared! Dr. Robyn Silverman NOTE: Would you please vote for Dr. Robyn’s Blog for GrandVacation with the grandparents or simply going on a long car ride to visit Aunt Patti in Mobile, be prepared with: (1) Location games to play: I-spy, Padiddle (pointing out a car with one headlight), counting games, […]

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…From Sandles to Snow Boots in One Day


Letters about My Helicopter Parents: Part 2

by DrRobyn on November 20, 2008

part 1 is here. The questions for today are, how can we help parents to take a step back and allow children in their 20s to grow up and be helpful or a helicopter? ________________________________________________________________________ Letter from 20-something, T.O Hello I know the feeling and everything you say about these helicopter parents. I have two. […]

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Dear Dr. Robyn: Letters about My Helicopter Parents topic lately from our readers. The letters in this series are all taken from the comments section of one of my most popular articles; “


Beyond Mom and Dad: Who are you?

by DrRobyn on November 17, 2008

Who are you behind your everyday label? Dr. Robyn Silverman As parents, we wear so many different hats. First and foremost, you may be Mom or Dad, but beyond that perhaps you are an “athlete,” “actress,” “entrepreneur,” “friend,” “scrap-booker,” or “sports enthusiast.” SO what about those other hats? Are they stuffed into the back of […]


Growing up too soon? recent study found that children were being banned from the playground and made to stay inside during the school day due to wearing the wrong shoes, too much messy mulch near the playground, no coat, or talkative or texting teachers who can’t be bothered to supervise. Tots Popping Pills”  that the […]


The Weight of School Culture

by DrRobyn on September 9, 2008

I’m not sure how many of you know, but I’ve been studying girls, body image, confidence and success for quite a long time.  In fact, a good chunk of my work at Tufts University was on how girls feel they “fit in” to a culture that tends to sensationalize thinness and to reject people the […]


Ear Pollution is Toxic! Please stop complaining: You’re Polluting My Ears! generosity, I was struck by the sheer amount of complaints I heard on the trip home. Were these people in the same place I was? They complained about having to wait, complained about being rushed, complained about having to take a bus, complained about […]


Bullied: The Fallout of No Child Left Behind? Barack Obama, or the Washington Post this morning on the importance of teaching the whole child in school, my feelings, as usual, became more acute. We talk about the need for character education and yet in many schools, kids aren’t receiving it. It’s been difficult to see […]


(Over)Protective Parents: Helpful or Harmful?

by DrRobyn on July 30, 2008

Are Some Parents Too Overprotective? What do you think? helicopter parents” for quite some time now to describe parents who are overprotective of their children to a fault. Some people hate the term and others believe it’s spot on. Mothers and fathers often cite that “times have changed” and more hand-holding is necessary, even though, […]