Self reliance

Dear Dr. Robyn, My daughter often seems a bit timid when it comes to doing things on her own.  She asks me to help her do things even when she can probably do them by herself.  I admit that I find myself doing many things for her. How do I get her to be more […]


How do we raise responsible children? Raising responsible children and teens is a goal we all strive to achieve. When children are responsible, they are not only able to take on more responsibilities, but they are more committed, focused, and reliable. Dr. Robyn Silverman answers one readers question; I’ve been told that my child needs […]


Do you see “vision” in the eyes of your child?


Letters about My Helicopter Parents: Part 2

by DrRobyn on November 20, 2008

part 1 is here. The questions for today are, how can we help parents to take a step back and allow children in their 20s to grow up and be helpful or a helicopter? ________________________________________________________________________ Letter from 20-something, T.O Hello I know the feeling and everything you say about these helicopter parents. I have two. […]

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Dear Dr. Robyn: Letters about My Helicopter Parents topic lately from our readers. The letters in this series are all taken from the comments section of one of my most popular articles; “


Cash. Coin. Coconuts. No matter what you call it, people are talking about it. Or are they? My husband, Jason, and I often discuss the strange fact that we don’t learn about managing money in school. And yet, it’s vital to existing responsibly and independently even before we graduate into the “real world.” The Facts: […]


Parents: Could getting your child involved in making lunch simply end up creating a mess of unappetizing foods not even appealing to a hungry dog? It doesn’t have to be! (Enjoy this short piece of nostalgia on Lilly Tomlin’s Edith Ann, creating her lunch masterpiece from overly sweetened juices,


Play is an important part of a child’s development. We all have seen the traditional “monkey bars,” swings, and jungle gyms. But when architect, David Rockwell, came up with a concept for a playground—he thought outside of the box. According to development of gross motor and fine motor skills. It also helps children become aware […]


Five Ways to Teach Your Children about the Value of Money


There has been a lot of talk over the last year about “helicopter parents,” parents who hover over their children and swoop in before or at the slightest hint of discomfort, challenge, or threat of failure. Powerful parents know that while they want their children to succeed, there is great value in making mistakes and […]