It’s impossible to forget the morning of the Newtown Massacre.  Twenty-six innocent lives were lost at Sandy Hook Elementary at the hand of a deranged and angry gunman. Children. Teachers. School staff. The whole event is still raw, even one year later.  My heart, like yours, goes out to the families and loved ones of […]


I can’t believe I’m saying this…Parents are forgetting their kids at the children’s play place, Chuck E. Cheese’s.  While this may sounds like the makings of a Saturday Night Live skit to you, it’s actually the truth. Yesterday, Good Morning America called me to do a piece (which was squashed at the final hour) about […]


My Facebook page is hopping today after I posted about the little girl, Brittney Baxter, age 7, who fought her way out of getting kidnapped from Walmart yesterday, when a man grabbed her, covered her mouth and tried to subdue her.  The girl is safe and the alleged kidnapper in custody, but these stories of […]


Not feeling too cheerful this holiday season? We all know that some people aren’t feeling particularly cheerful this holiday season.  Perhaps you are in that same boat. Recession. Poor health. Bad breaks.  Family frustrations. Maybe it isn’t even you—but you are constantly surrounded by doom and gloom such that you feel that you have to […]


How can parents encourage their children to persevere? In a world where attention seems to be short and quitting can be pervasive, it can be challenging to get kids to stick with something until the end.  Dr. Robyn answers one parent’s question about how to get her children to show perseverance in this short video. […]


The Dr. Robyn Silverman. child development expert, answers one powerful parent’s question about instilling confidence in children in the following video blog: Part 2 of this addition of Ask Dr. Robyn will be provided in the next blog entry.  Check back!


10 Tips for Working with Shy Children, Nervous Children, or Children who Lack Self Confidence (3) Highlight that persistence leads to success: We’ve heard it before. It doesn’t matter how many times you fall but rather, how many times you get up. People value persistence! Let them know that perseverance is more important that getting […]

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How can parents teach tolerance to children? Dr. Robyn Silverman answers a reader’s question about teaching tolerance to her children who DON’T live in a diverse neighborhood. These are easy parenting tips that any parent can follow to inspire children to keep an open-mind, be more accepting of others, and show more tolerance for differences. […]


7 Ways to Raise a Sizeist Child

by DrRobyn on October 27, 2008

7 Ways to Raise a Sizeist Child Janice Dickinson scoffs at it. Tyra Banks yells about it. sizeism. We see it when people stop and stare.  Point.  Laugh and say; “He’s sooooo fat.” “She looks gross.” “She’s way media. It’s time to take responsibility for our own actions and reactions as well. Here are 7 […]


Bringing a concern to a teacher or coach respectfully and responsibly (3) Discuss conflict out of earshot of children and other families: If you are certain that this concern should be brought to the teacher’s attention, and that it should be done by you rather than your child, it’s vital that you discuss the concern […]