Half of Teens Say Rihanna is at Fault for Abuse

by DrRobyn on March 13, 2009

 Half of Teens Say Rihanna is at Fault for Abuse

Something is clearly screwed up.  In the Boston paper today, the results of a survey tells us that almost half of the Boston teenagers interviewed in a poll by Boston Public Health Commission said pop star Rihanna was responsible for her own beating. Yuck. Perhaps you remember that Rihanna has granted Chris Brown continuance after the abuse was outed. What do you think of that? Belittling the circumstance? How might it influence how our teens see their own bodies and the sacredness of other people’s bodies?  Celebrities have to watch what they say and do (or don’t do) when it comes to kids. They have influence whether they like it or not!

Who is involved? Teens ages 12-19

What did the survey say?

  • Almost 50% of the 200 teens interviewed felt Rihanna was responsible for the assault
  • 71% claimed that arguing was a normal part of a relationship;
  • 44% claimed that fighting was a routine occurrence in relationships.

What’s the big issue? Teens have somehow gotten used to or desensitized to domestic violence. Perhaps they’ve seen too much “reality” on TV. Perhaps they’ve been exposed to too much arguing and physical arguing. Perhaps our teen’s values need an overhaul. Oh boy, more work.

It’s time to start some important conversations here. Don’t wait. Do it tonight.  Your feedback is welcomed.

drrobynsig170 Half of Teens Say Rihanna is at Fault for Abuse

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